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  SuperMaxx WideTrac™ Suspension For Traxxas T&E-Maxx:
ALL NEW WideTrac™ Knuckles

The WideTrac™ Knuckles were designed to be light in weight (only 3 grams heavier than stock plastic) yet strong enough to withstand even the severest abuse. Massive 16mm bearings will eliminate failed bearings due to overload common with the stock bearings. Never worry about pulling a pillowball out of these babies.

Knuckle Kit includes:
  • 2 Knuckles
  • 4 M6x16x5 Bearings
  • 4 Pillowball retainers


  • Finish is natural, polished to a high luster
  • Machined from a solid billet of 7075-T6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Massive wheel bearings have 2.5x the load carrying capacity of stock bearings.



The new Gen 2 WideTrac™ suspensions are shipping now. We've made the kit nearly twice as strong by changing from common 60601-T6 to the stronger and more expensive 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum. We've also upgraded the WideTrac™ to include the KnuckleHead Shock towers for the ultimate in adjustability.

The WideTrac Suspension has been designed with the cost conscious Maxxer in mind. It offers you ~18mm (over 11/16") of additional width per side giving your truck a substantial increase in width for added stability. We've even figured out a way to eliminate the bump steer inherent in the Maxx's suspension design. Add in the tremendous flexibility for shock mounting and other length shocks and you have a terrific suspension system for those of you on a tighter budget.

Gen2 WideTrac kits are made from a solid billet  of 7075-T6 Aircraft Aluminum, we've done extensive analysis to maintain superior strength and light weight.

All Kits include:
  • 4 Lower Suspension Arms
  • 4 Upper Suspension Arms
  • 2 Shock Towers
  • 8 Shock Standoffs
  • 4 Body Post Supports
  • All Necessary Hardware
  • Easy to follow detailed Instructions


  • Finish is natural
  • E-clip type suspension pins are required for the upper arms and are included. Stock screw type may be used for lower arms.
  • Installation requires Loctite "Blue"

Shown here is everything in the SuperMaxx WideTrac™ Pro Suspension, which includes Titanium hingepins and Titanium turnbuckles. (Image is of Gen1 kit)

Like all the SuperMaxx Suspensions the WideTrac offers tremendous tunability for different applications

Crank it high and go jumping

Set up for the track, go off-road racing

Slam it down and take it to the street

Total time to change = 3 minutes.
One suspension does it all. All this with the same shocks. There is a wide variety of mounting locations available for non-Maxx length shocks as well.

Note: The EXT suspension has had this capability since day one.


    Q:  Will the knuckles from the EXT suspension work with the WideTrac?
    A:  No, the upper arms on the WideTrac are longer than the EXT's so the WideTrac can use stock type knuckles.
    Q:  Can I upgrade to the EXT's advanced geometry at a later date.
    A:  Yes, you will need the knuckles and the upper arms from the EXT in order to make this work. The WideTrac shares similar dimensions with the EXT for the lower arms, turnbuckles and towers.
    Q:  Will the EXT's CVDS work on the WideTrac?
    A:  Yes. It's been designed so they share the same length CVDS.
    Q:  Are the CVDS required?
    A:  No, your stock plastic sliders will telescope and work just fine as long as you are not breaking them from too much horsepower. There's even a few freebie tips to increase the stocker's strength a little.

    Q:  Will the WideTrac (or EXT) work with other manufacturer's chassis kits?
    A:  The chassis and suspension do not interact, therefore there are no known issues with any chassis, nor should there be.

    Q:  Will the WideTrac (or EXT) work with other manufacturer's bulkheads?
    A:  The WideTrac and EXT were designed to fit the stock bulkheads. It's been my experience that the bulkhead has the largest variation not only with the stock plastic ones but across the aftermarket industry as well. These variations are minor and the arms can be easily fitted by filing or dremeling a little material off the bulkhead to achieve the perfect fit. While I could make them to fit every single bulk known this would leave them sloppy on some. It's easier to take material away than it is to add it.

    Q:  Will the WideTrac (or EXT) work with the new 2.5 Maxx?
    A: Yes

WideTrac Kits:
Part #: Description: On-Line Store: List Price:
UE-13120B SuperMaxx Generation 2 WideTrac Pro Suspension For Traxxas T&E-Maxx  

UE-13140 SuperMaxx WideTrac Knuckle Kit (also Stock Replacement) (sold in pairs, 2x required per truck)  





SuperMaxx WideTrac Suspension For Traxxas T&E-Maxx Stage 3  


Individual WideTrac Suspension Components:
Part #: Description: On-Line Store: List Price:
UE-WT-SK1 SuperMaxx WideTrac Shock Tower (one)
1x Tower;2x Body Post Supports;4x Shock Standoffs; Assorted screws. USPS
UE-WT-LA SuperMaxx WideTrac Lower Arm (one) USPS.  
UE-WT-UA SuperMaxx WideTrac Upper Arm (one). USPS  
UE-TBTi-102 SuperMaxx 4mm Titanium Front Turnbuckle (can be used in the rear of a stock truck) USPS  
UE-TBTi-112 SuperMaxx 4mm Titanium Rear Turnbuckle USPS  
UE-TBAl-102 SuperMaxx 4mm 7075-T6 Aluminum Front Turnbuckle (can be used in the rear of a stock truck) USPS

UE-TB-Al-112 SuperMaxx 4mm 7075-T6 Aluminum Rear Turnbuckle USPS  
 All prices include FedEx Express Domestic Shipping Charges within the Continental US.
All others, please contact MonsterMaxx@att.net for additional shipping charges.

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